Get access to extensive liquid filling resources without the need to build, maintain, and manage your own production facility. Our liquid contract manufacturing services can accommodate a variety of different sizes and types of packaging specifications.


Product sourcing is a critical part of any successful product manufacturing business. Our raw materials suppliers are mostly domestic but we also source internationally, allowing us to fully develop our products with only the best materials available. We work with them closely to source the exact materials you need. We rely on a network of the highest quality suppliers as it relates to packaging and chemicals.


Meet manufacturing and distribution goals with storage and blending solutions from Lab-Clean Inc. At our LA-based facility, we offer storage and blending contract manufacturing services enable you to simplify the blending, packaging, storage, and distribution processes. Our intuitive production methods are constantly evolving with innovative industry practices. Our services provide quality solutions to meet your unique product and branding needs. Above all else, we’re dedicated to superior quality across our full range of services.


We are focused on creating products using the most innovative materials all while keeping future regulations and compliance in consideration. Our product development services combine creativity from design experts, innovative manufacturing technology, and disciplined product management. As part of our product development services, we tailor our process pipelines to ensure that we meet our product needs within the specified timeframe. This includes: raw materials, purchase prioritization, targeted domestic and international sourcing, custom quality assurance, and measurements for product testing, packaging, and launch.